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vampire past self erasure dream

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Feb. 17th, 2011 | 03:52 pm

I had two dreams last night. One was confusing; I woke up from it all discombobulated. Then I took some time musing over a werewolf story about poison blankets and someone coming by to gloat at the victim underneath the poison blanket while the victim realized what was going on but couldn't actually get enough energy to push the blanket off. I woke up because I was too hot, in case that isn't clear.

The second dream I had was strange. There were all these very tall mountains -- I want to say the Alps? Because I think I sneered at the idea of mountains -- and then somehow was amazed to see mountains larger than the ones I lived near (in my dream, I lived -- I guess? -- in a compound right up against big mountains in California, all spine-giant-sleeping huge and riddled with caves and a fallen cowboy myth ranch, "It's a cowboy myth ranch because this cowboy never existed; it's a Hollywood dream, get it? Then a quake came and it fell and now we use it as our base for hi-tech monster-hunter stuff"). And, hm. Things happened which I don't remember, pulling the plot along, la dee da, and then there was this guy who told me about this silver-blooded blood-drinking ghost-thing, right before dying himself, and how to hunt it, and there was a woman who survived him, who was I think his twin, and she hated me so she kept disappearing into these pine forests and yelling cryptic nonsequitors at me just before I was attacked - although I figured out that this was actually helpful, because she was only doing it before I was attacked, and even later I figured out that she'd meant for me to figure that out, and THEN even LATER there was an intermission-y part of my dream involving mermaids and a sunken theatre, and then back to the main action -- well, basically, somehow, guy and chick convinced me to go back in time and the big badguy was my past self? Somehow? And I killed her, thinking she was in league with the silver-blooded ghost-monster thing, and then I realized I was surrounded by all these bowls of blood, and the original guy who'd died came back, and his mouth was all bloody, and I had a realization that I was screwed, that I'd just erased myself, and then I woke up.

Somehow, during the dream, it was very full of mystery and travel, and most of the things I had to do took me to strange places on the road -- mostly places without any people; there was even a city where, no matter what street I walked onto, it was completely empty. I remember trying to run around a corner where I could hear the sounds of daily living and such -- but when I'd get there, it would be silent. And I texted one of my friends back in California and told them what was going on, and they did some research and told me to GTFO because my shadow was being eaten or something? Straaange dream.

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The Morrigan

(no subject)

from: winters_queen
date: Feb. 18th, 2011 12:02 am (UTC)

I've had two strange dreams. I won't say in a row. But the one last night was involving me being in school and having a brother and a crush on a 'bad' boy. The other is more where I was a spy and there was a sexy Mexican/Spanish guy who was on the other side but helping because both sides were trying to work on things together. I wrote that one down. Haven't written the other one down yet.

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Samantha Henderson

(no subject)

from: samhenderson
date: Feb. 18th, 2011 02:03 am (UTC)

That sounds like an incredibly exhausting night!

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