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What ho, the gauntlet

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Mar. 1st, 2011 | 03:26 pm
mood: amusedand also cold
music: None

My 'what's next, March?' challenge, answered thus far:

- nightmare; remember nothing of what it was about. Karkat. Cats. Neighbors. Eggs. The must not touch the ground imperative. Dusk falling into dark. The gathering gloom -- but taking forever; not at all Southern Californian. Not noticing this inside the dream, just outside the dream, like: oh, shit, dream self, don't you hear the soundtrack, the soundtrack is playing doom is about to strike music! Doing things. I guess it's not entirely unremembered.

- stuffy nose, sore throat, headache; sick? Noooooooo.

- cramps of doom? Nooooooo, your time is over now! Whyyyyyy are you still here I'm almost out of mint tea whyyyyy.

- rejection; a soooooper nice/encouraging one! still.

- pancakes made by younger brother, just to be nice, and eggs made also with the goal to be nice, although so dubious were the eggs contemplations of poison not too wild and crazy

- play through Scarbourough Fair at decent clip without looking at the music with no flubbing/mistake on the harp first time evar

- betrayed look by fat cat when she is stepped upon

- jaunty bouncing orange cat as soon as door to room opens, demanding play, all Prrr, Mrrr, MrrRRRrrr, Mrrr, Prr, Prr, Meer?, much as if he hadn't kept me awake until three

- The Winter Triptych & Jack o' the Hills ALL FOR ME, ME, ME, ME. Also, Cherie Priest's Bloodshot, another giftcard purchase.

- Discovery that both toaster and microwave have died. I blame the cold.

- Why can I see my breath in the living room? Must investigate.

- Accidental deletion of new-poem-in-the-works-I-quite-liked-damn-it, 'cause my finger slipped to 'Don't save' instead of 'save' before I realized I was don't saving my scratchpad file in which I type up emails and entries such as this one and other things throughout the day when the computer is on.

Verdict: I squint my eyes at you Contrarian March, in a manner meant to threatening and drama-laden, there is Western showdown music in the background, maybe the sound of a trainstop sign squeaking in the wind, to show we are in this thing now, yeah, we are in it, and we are doing it, and March you might wanna remember that not only do I mean to outlast you, but I can and will.

But I'll forgive everything if you somehow teach my feet to conserve warmth again. Brr.

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Comments {1}

C.S.E. Cooney

(no subject)

from: csecooney
date: Mar. 1st, 2011 10:37 pm (UTC)

Socks! Gorgeous socks!

Nightmare, ew. Rejection, ew, HARP HELL YEAH, cat -- well, they're tricksy, probably stepped under your foot on purpose -- YOUNGER BROTHER PANCAKES YAY, eggs ew.


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